Medical devices of RIOCATH’s unique construction significantly eliminate harmful features of conventional products including scarring, development of secondary infections or pain. Recent research confirms that these qualities significantly change the magnitude of the risks and deleterious consequences for all patients who need to use catheters frequently.

Cooperation and close relationship with leading academic institutions in the Czech Republic, such as Institute of Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry of CAS and Institute of Macromolecular Chemistry of CAS, pushes the knowledge much further mainly in the areas of production methods, materials and mechanical properties. These steps, together with, cooperation with leading commercial companies are moving first Riocath medical devices to the mass production.

Riocath® is also developing special mechanical applicators that should bring comfort for the patients that has never been achieved with such products before. Especially the patients suffering spinal cord injury will benefit strongly from the comprehensive solution of a urinary catheter and its dedicated applicator.

Riocath® group has also imitated work on other types of products for use in surgery, cardiology or OR. There are a lot of opportunities for developing  innovative medical devices based on RIOCATH’s unique construction in these medical areas.




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