A team of experts from Riocath® visited the Medtec International Fair

The International Medtec Fair, which is held annually in Stuttgart, Germany, has always been the center of innovation, new technologies and materials in the field of medical devices. That's why a number of company experts have decided to visit the fair and update their knowledge. The goal was clear. Draw inspiration, knowledge and contacts so that Riocath® catheter is made not only as soon as possible, but with the highest quality and the finest materials.

The desire for knowledge helped to overcome the consequences of getting up early, because due to the relatively long distance, the departure was set at 5 a.m., which most people consider a night's hour. Stuttgart has become a place of constructive meeting for many, others have admired the shift in the quality of plastics or, perhaps, the production technology. Very interesting was the fact that some classic Western exhibitors relatively narrowed their exhibition space, but their places were quite quickly occupied by companies from still untraditional countries, ie Central and Eastern Europe.





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