RIOCATH® – A company dedicated to development and commercialization of revolutionary tubular medical devices

Riocath®  came up with a revolutionary construction that is applicable to all tubular medical devices such as catheters, airways, intubation tubes, drains, etc. This unique construction guarantees risk free and gentle application with a significant potential for reduction in subsequent treatment.



The patented revolutionary Riocath® double layer construction unrolls the tube inside the "tube" or an object. Instead of moving alongside the wall of the surrounding tube such as urethra, trachea, etc. (as is the case with conventional devices) the Riocath® device continues to gently unfold itself inside the tube’s perimeter.

Comfortable & painless


As the Riocath® tube does not rub against its surroundings, it does not move anything around. This unique feature is believed to significantly contribute to reduction in secondary infections, scarring, inflammation and, most of all, is very gentle to the patient.

Riocath General Meeting of Shareholders
Board of Directors of Riocath® Global, a.s. convenes a regular General Meeting of Shareholders of the Company to be held on June 27, 2019.
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Riocath will be featured among the top 500 deep tech startups at Hello Tomorrow’s upcoming global summit!
Paris, 14-15 March 2019
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RIOCATH GLOBAL a.s. has successfully completed the first phase of introducing the unique RIOCATH® technology. Novotny’s bridge in the center of Prague has become the venue of the third public presentation of the world-unique RIOCATH® technology. >>>see more

The presentation of RIOCATH® catheters to the public has raised great media interest.  This breakthrough event in the are of catheterization was noticed not only by Czech media, but even the foreign ones. >>>see more

Press conference of Riocath® Global, a.s.
In the premises of the Institute of Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry of the CAS a press conference was held with the presence of the media, where the revolutionary discovery of Riocath® catheter was presented. mechanism
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Riocath® has prepared an edition of unique graphics for its shareholders.
Recognized artist, painter and graphic artist created a unique graphic design of the Birth of the Logo.
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Riocath® Global a.s. publicly presented the invention of the revolutionary catheter for the first time.
The International Conference  witnessed the first public performance of a unique catheter with a world-class breakthrough mechanism
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A team of experts from Riocath® visited the Medtec International Fair. Company experts have decided to visit the fair and update their knowledge, draw inspiration and meet other professionals.
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Company experts have decided to visit the fair and update their knowledge, draw inspiration and meet other professionals.