Respiratory tract

Intubation tubes and probes enable gentle penetration into the respiratory tract without damaging the epithelium lining. Due to the deployment they are not only more comfortable for patients who suffer from irritation of the airway surface, but also for operating staff - because of unpacking the inner wall outside, an intubation tube or a probe finds the way itself.


The introduction of acute airway for use in acute emergencies, it is necessary to ensure a patent airway - can handle even a layman on the opposite of a standard tube design (which allows the addition of this product into the first-aid kits).

Endotracheal Intubation Tube

Besides being friendly when loading and unloading enables gentle fixation and sealing the trachea by an onion shape extension to prevent aspiration.

The suction probe

The principle of unpacking minimizes the risk of injury to the lining of the airways by repeated excursions during suction, and while attempting to capture of the highest possible amount of the unwanted content.




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